emoji-timeline The goals of the Parent Teacher Resource (PTR) at LFSD are to:

Promote a sense of community between parents, teachers and administrators; 

Enrich our students’ experience; and 

Create awareness of school community events, goals and projects and opportunities for parent participation.                         


emoji-timeline Les objectifs du Parent Teacher Resource (PTR) au LFSD sont de:

Promouvoir un sentiment de communauté entre les parents, les enseignants et les administrateurs;

Enrichir l’expérience de nos étudiants; et

Faire connaître les événements, les objectifs et les projets de la communauté scolaire et les opportunités de participation des parents.

We couldn’t do this without you!

Nous ne pouvons pas faire cela sans vous!


Who We Are

We are the PTR (Parent-Teacher-Resource), an organization composed of parents, teachers, and staff working together to enrich the Le Lycée Français de San Diego experience.

Parents and guardians of children attending Le Lycée Français de San Diego can join the PTR at any time.

What We Do

We organize events, help fund student activities, promote school spirit, and provide opportunities for enhanced parent involvement. 

During COVID-19, we are working to find innovative ways to strengthen our sense of community.


Get Involved

With your support, we can continue to make Le Lycée Français de San Diego a wonderful place for our children. LFSD is a community based on vibrant parent involvement. Your contribution, whether it is your time, knowledge, or resources, makes a difference. We invite you to become an involved member with the PTR.

Save the Date!

The LFSD PTR meets once per month and encourages all parents and guardians to participate. Find out about ongoing PTR projects, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. Help provide our students with the best experience possible by lending your voice, time and talent to the PTR!
Zoom links will be available on the calendar and sent out in the PTR newsletter the week of the meeting.
Stay up to date with the events calendar!


The PTR organizes and coordinates several events and activities throughout the school year to raise funds for projects that benefits the children and the school. There are also several ongoing campaigns you can contribute to throughout the year.

These are some of the ongoing campaigns that you can support.

Weekly Pastry Sale

Mabel's Labels

And More!

What Parents and Teachers Share on this Space

Parents and teachers are welcome to share information and practical tips about culture, activities, recipes, and any other information that you consider useful for others to know.
Check out the Parent Resource page for tips on the French vs US grade level names, family recipes, and more! If you want to share something with the LFSD community on this site, please contact us!

We’d love to hear from you.  Send us your ideas, suggestions, and feedback by email to ptr@lfsd.org.

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